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Vaccine Transportation Plan
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Monday, February 15, 2021

Fairfield County wants to make sure that all citizens who are eligible for the COVID Vaccine have an opportunity to receive it. In a joint effort between Cooperative Health and the Fairfield County Transit Department, free transportation to vaccine appointments will be provided to those who do not have access to transportation. The following locations are currently accepting vaccination appointments:

1. Lake Monticello Family Practice
9017 Hwy 215 South
Jenkinsville, SC 29065
Vaccination Appointments:
Call 803-298-2068 to schedule your appointment

2. Ridgeway Pediatric, Family, and Dental Practice
755 US Hwy 21 South
Ridgeway, SC 29130
Vaccination Appointments: Wednesdays & Thursdays
Call 803-337-2920 to schedule your appointment

3. Winnsboro Pediatrics and Family Practice 1136 Kincaid Bridge Rd Winnsboro, SC 29180 Vaccination Appointments: Tuesdays & Wednesdays Call 803-635-1052 to schedule your appointment

****If you do not have access to transportation, you are asked to take the following steps:

1. Identify one of the above-listed locations which is closest to the area in which you live

2. Schedule an appointment for that location for one of the following days that correspond with the location that you have chosen

  • Lake Monticello Family Practice- Please schedule appointments for Thursdays
  • Ridgeway Pediatric and Family Practice- Please schedule appointments for Wednesdays
  • Winnsboro Pediatrics and Family Practice- Please schedule appointments for Tuesdays

3. Immediately after scheduling your appointment, contact the Fairfield County Transit Department (803-635-6177) to schedule transportation to your vaccine appointment