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Annual Commemoration of African American History Month – Fairfield Co. Genealogy Society

Event Start Date: 23 Feb, 2020

Event Time: 3:00

Event Synopsis:

The Fairfield county Genealogy Society will highlight their annual commemoration of African American History Month program featuring Mr. James E. “Jimmy” Wright of Columbia, South Car- olina (originally from Chester, 5. C.).
Mr. Wright is an educator, historian, storyteller, augmenter and the President of the Old Zion St. Paul Halsellville Cemetery Association (Old Zion Heritage Site), Chester, South Carolina.
Mr. Wright will be giving a presentation and have a display on the Great Migration (the mass movement of six million African American’s from the South, primarily to the North between 1915 and 1970. The presentation will be in the Christ Central Community Center auditorium (a restored Historic old African American Movie Theater next to the museum). In addition to the Great Migration, Mr. Wright will briefly focus on 2020 African American History; African-Americans and Voting; Dr. Carter G. Woodson, Father of Black History; the history of Black History Month; and the Old Zion Heritage Site (as an example of appreciating concen­trating of local history and “discovering” and preserving heritage sites all around us!). More details on the FCGS announcements web page. 3-5 PM Christ Central Community Center Auditori­um 235 S. Congress St, Winnsboro, SC 29180