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Board and Commission Vacancies
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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

The Town of Winnsboro is seeking applications from Town residents to fill vacancies on the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Planning Commission.

The Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning Commission both consist of five members serving a four-year term.

The Zoning Board of Appeals shall have the following powers and duties:

(1) Administrative Review: The board shall hear and decide appeals where it is alleged the Zoning Administrator erred in an order, requirement, decision or determination.

(2) Variances: The board has the power to hear and decide appeals for variances when strict application of the zoning ordinance would cause an unnecessary hardship.

(3) Special Exceptions: The board of zoning appeals can permit uses by special exception if the terms and conditions described in this zoning ordinance are met.

 The Planning Commission shall have the power and duties to:

      (1)   Prepare and revise periodically a comprehensive plan and program for the development of its jurisdiction;

      (2)   Prepare and recommend for adoption to the Town Council as a means for implementing the plan and program:

      (3)   Recommend principles and policies for guiding action in the development of the area;

      (4)   Prepare and recommend to the Town Council for adoption ordinances promoting orderly development in accordance with the comprehensive plan;

      (5)   Determine whether specific proposed developments conform to the principles and requirements of the comprehensive plan for the growth and improvement of the area;

      (6)   Review and recommend to the Town Council any needed changes in the zoning ordinance and the official map of the town; as well as the subdivision regulations, official map and other codes, ordinances and controls related to the town’s development; and

      (7)   Keep the Town Council and the general public informed and advised as to these matters.

The Ideal Candidate

Ideal candidates will be focused on moving effectively through each meeting agenda, review development applications for compliance with the adopted codes, and committed to adaptive solutions to facilitate successful growth and development appropriate for our community as directed by the Town’s Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance.

How to Apply

Download the application from the Town website and email it to Chris Clauson at , or mail or drop it off at the Town of Winnsboro, PO Box 209, Winnsboro, SC 29180. Please contact the Zoning Department at (803) 635-6364 for additional information.